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【Trans】Weekly Magazine 週刊女性 2020.3.17 Special shooting & interview

週刊女性 2020年3/17号
Special shooting & interview
Jaejoong (34)
I felt again "Japan is very near"

His first cover album, released last year, won the Best Three Albums (Asia) of Japan Gold Disc Award, following the Japan Record Award. Jaejoong commented, "I wish I could sing songs that move more people's heart." As he said, he will release a new song that permeates our hearts.
I heard that he had a lot of experience in the last few months.
"I was very pleased with the very good results. Many people listened to it, and I'd like to release more cover albums in the future. ''
His first cover album [Love Covers], which became a hot topic last year, won the Planning Award for the 61st Japan Record Awards. His high singing abilities attracted not only his own fans, but also those who supported the original singers of the songs.
He appeared on a music program after the award ceremony and returned to Korea, but then an accident!

【Accident that happened on the first day on 2020】
"While walking near my house, I slipped and fell, injuring the back of my hand. I didn't have any pain at that time, but went to the hospital because I had a wound, and after taking an X-ray, I knew that my bones were out of place.”
He was operated on immediately and was hospitalized for four days. "The back of the hand is a surprisingly complicated shape," said like a boy, then "I think this year will be a good year because I had such an accident on January 1st!", he laughed. This interview was at the end of January, he filmed with a cast on his hand. He was planning to shoot a MV for the dance number [Brava !! Brava !! Brava !!] in the single released on March 11, but had to postpone it. "I proposed to shoot with the cast, but the staff around me worried. So, I'm going to learn dance choreography and shoot. However, to be honest, it is difficult for me to dance even without injury.”

【An unexpected person on the mobile phone's wallpaper】
"Brava" in the song title means "great" in Italian. When asked what the recent “Brava !!” thing was, Jaejoong began thinking…
"From last October to January this year, I took about 30 flights on business. I went to Argentina to shoot a Korean program, it took more than 30 hours to go there. After that I came to Japan from Korea and thought, "It's very near!" Until then, I thought that Japan is a little bit far, but I came to think, "How near! Grateful!" lol. I went to Guam for the first time to shoot for a photo book to be released in April. It was a very busy time, but I was refreshed while shooting under the blue sky. The photo of the smiling (male) manager taken at that time is set as the wallpaper for my mobile phone. Looking at it, I naturally smile and feel better. lol.

【What was painful due to the injury of my hand】
“I can't cook well because of injury. So I eat instant noodles or bento at home. I wish there were someone who cooks, but my staffs are ... " (to the manager) "Can you?" …I can't seem to rely on him, lol. I got hospitalized for a short period because of the injury this time, and then thought that health is very important. So, I wonder if always eating instant noodles and bento is good or not for my health.”

【Request from Jaejoong】
“The song title "Brava !! Brava !! Brava !!" is difficult to say because it sounds like a tongue twister .
Therefore, I want you to think of a abbreviation that can be said easily. For example, "bbbraba" or "3rava"? lol. I wish you had a good idea.”

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