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CNBLUE, which captivates worldwide fans with its borderless stylish sound and its genuine lyrics, is a Korean quartet band that has 2 guitar & vocals. Members are Jung Yonghwa (Guitar & Vocal), Lee Jonghyun (Guitar & Vocal), Kang Minhyuk (Drums) and Lee Jungshin (Bass).

Prior to its Korean debut, they lived in Japan for half a year in 2009 to have "music training," gaining experience of more than hundred performances at clubs and on streets. Since debuting in Korea in January 2010, 5 albums out of its releases have surpassed 100,000 sales by this spring. In 2013, "Re:blue" topped Billboards world album chart. Meanwhile, in Japan, they made the major debut with "In My Head" in October 2011. The 2nd single and the 1st full-album both topped Oricon weekly chart. As well as holding huge Japan tours, they started world tour in 2013 spring. After 12 concerts in 9 countries and regions in Asia, it went on this year to New York, Los Angeles, and even to Mexico, Peru and Chille, which were the first Latin America concerts ever for Korean bands. This year, their documentary movie "The Story of CNBLUE / NEVER STOP" was out in January, highly rated from various fields. From April to May, they hold live concerts at Yokohama Arena and Osaka-Jo Hall in commemoration of releasing Japan 7th single "Truth."

They're performing on Summer Sonic for the second consecutive year since their first appearance last year. The four guys who have grown through the world tour are challenging for the stage again.


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