[Seek IV] Onew x Taemin: Always making each other smile, the warm, fluffy, and healing pair.

Taemin: Onew-hyung has always been a listener and has talked with me a lot regarding various things. After this, I will continue to depend on him.
Onew: Taemin is really my cute younger brother. Our ages are far apart and the difference in our ideas are surprising, but in that sense, it is interesting.
Taemin: Am I interesting?
Onew: Thanks to Taemin, there are times when we encounter "miraculous experiences" I wouldn't have even imagined.
Taemin: Did you mean...Is that because I always destroy stuff and people call me "magic hands"?
Onew: Well, there are times like that, too. (LOL)

Taemin: I'm always depending on Onew-hyung.
Onew: With Taemin is a fresh experience every time.
Taemin: How are you smiling like that?
Onew: Because of Taemin I'm always laughing/smiling.


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