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Sky News: Jared O Mara Your Say

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My opinions are thus although I doubt you will broadcast it as being msm you are as bad

This was another attack by the Guido Fawkes Blog a known blog to subvert politics he plays on digging dirty no matter how old it maybe.
I do not condone what Jaded O Mara said and would speak out in the strongest terms if it really had relevance but come on this was 13 years ago and people's opinions change as time progresses.

Many of us probably said things we later grow and understand to regret just because he said it then when barely out of school does not mean he holds those same views now and should it really have had the damaging effect it had to his career as an MP I don't think so

it was not long ago that MSM attacked blogs and new media all for debunking the endless lists of wrongful reporting the Canary, Scwawkbox and others do a good job of this and allows us to get to the truth the MSM should be reporting and thus it's ironic that SKy News turns to the writings of a blog that is known to publish rubbish and harm someone's career whilst they are at it

Yesterday an MP tried to waste commons time by trying to get a debate on another MP Clive Lewis that too was another attack piece by the Guido Fawkes Blog the speaker of the house right throw it out and saw it for what it was how strange that the Guido Fawkes blog had another go yesterday but this time really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel in his research

I am ashamed that you jump on such without a shred of research from a known blog out to damage politics

This is rank hypocrisy too and you have swallowed it hook, line and sinker

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