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Explaining Trolling By Billionaires Happening To Be Anti-Social

As to these efforts in ideal seeking:

Where I name people and may be seen attaching
innuendo I do so as a juror reflecting viewpoint only
and not knowing factually what exists behind public

From A Culture Of Male Insecure
God Complex Vigilante
(Harper Lee's Translation:
False Sanctimoniousness Vigilante,
Self Defining As Angry God.)
These Things Reverse Rlgn.
America's Moral Frauds Make These
Things Obvious Though I'm Personally
Not From A Religious Family.

America's Contest First, Between Slavery
v Democracy & Health, And Then,
Between Profiteers From Democracy
Displacement Goin' The Deceptive
Route, And A Culture Of
So You Replace The Women's
Equalists With People With
Suspiciously Large Air Time
Combined With Dubious Social
In Place Of Matilda Joslyn Gage
And Dorothy Saying To Tin Man Hey
Y'all Don't Be Sucker & An Idiot,
It's Ann Coulter: Be Insecure,
Tribal-Man Up, Since That's Really
What Defines Oligarchic/Warlord'y
And Then Do Obama Promising To
Label The GMO's In Place Of
Frederick Douglass Saying That And
Actually Doing It.


First Available For War, More
Hands Fewer Mouths,
Cultural Choices & Epigenetics-2




Cultural Choices & Epigenetics
With Benefit Of History

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