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【TRANS】Interview: ①Jaejoong who is active lively in the Japanese entertainment world(weekly Asahi 2019.10.4)

Interview: Jaejoong who is active lively in the Japanese entertainment world
A top artist from Korea, Jaejoong. He is currently sweeping Japanese song programs and variety shows with fluent Japanese and singing voice that touches people's hearts. In the latest album, he challenged to cover famous love songs such as Yutaka Ozaki and Hikaru Utada that represent Japan.

Q: After starting group activities, you started as a solo artist in 2017, and last year you signed a contract with a Japanese office to start full-scale activities in Japan.
J: To be honest, I'm not used to Japanese TV shows yet. I'm particularly nervous when singing in front of the camera. It is a chance for many people to get to know me, so every time, I'm serious. My Japanese is still not perfect, I am worried that I will say something I should not say during the program. I often mistake the word. However, I am grateful for the co-stars who kindly watched me because "he is a foreigner".

Q: In variety shows you are also familiar as s cute goofy, such as talking about putting washed underpants into a microwave oven to dry.
J: I don't care to show my ridiculous parts like that. When I was in my twenties, I was not a perfect person, but I had to try to look cool and act like an adult. Everyone will show one’s true colors. Now it's more fun to show my true self than to pretend to be an adult. However, that part has been overemphasized recently and those who meet privately make light of me. My worry is younger people say that I'm childish for my age.

Q: You are consulted about the love of the listeners on a regular radio program.
J: (Laughing) Even though I can't do it myself.

Q: There are many subtle answers from the perspective of women.
J: No no no! My advice is realistic. Dramatic advice or dreams wouldn't be helpful. Because real life is not a drama. I see too much reality and can't fall in love. Lol.

Q: I hear you are good at cooking, but what kind of dishes would you cook if your favorite woman come your home for the first time?
J: Instant noodles. Anyone can make it quickly.

Q: Oh ... is she happy?
J: I make it like special. Put on toppings or change the taste and so on. Every time you do something romantic, it becomes common and you don't have a special day. Usually, let's take it easy, ramen noodles is good. That's absolutely true. Please don't watch too much love drama. Lol.

Q: I heard that in Korea you were given the nickname “Fairy of Memo” because you took notes while filming the program.
J: I am in my thirties and my memory has deteriorated, so I write it so as not to forget. I usually use the memo function of my mobile phone. Repairing broken vacuum cleaners early, going to dermatology, buying detergents, and so on. It's just a clerical thing.

Q: Do you write phrases that could be used for lyrics?
J: Not! (Immediate answer) Not at all.

Q: Quotes from other people, life philosophy, etc.?
J: You have to find it yourself. It’s not good to steal other’s words.

Q: By the way, what is Jaejoong-san’s life philosophy?
J: "Today is the most important". Since I may die tomorrow, I am going to live as much as I can today. Even so, I'm not a person who lives for the moment. I will be ready for the next day. I will do my best at least today and tomorrow. But I don't think about yesterday or the day after tomorrow.
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