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【Trans】JAEJOONG : THE SHAPE OF LOVE THAT I THINK③(Sunday Mainichi 2019.9.29)

Q: In the world sung by each song, there are not only happy love for men and women, but also various forms of “love”, such as love that has ended, love of unrequited love, love for the family.
What is your image of the word “love”?
J: What is “love”? ... Hmm ... Isn't love a "sacrifice"?

Q: Sacrifice···Do you mean that it’s the form of love that sacrifices each other?
J: No, I don't want anything from my partner, nor I don't expect something in return. It means I will be satisfied I do something for her unilaterally.

Q: Your "love" means that you don't mind to sacrifice as much as you can for someone important? Do you want to get that kind of love, too?
J: I think I got it already. From long ago. Too many to count.

Q: From fans who have been cheering you for a long time? You've talked that in your career, you did what you were wanted to do in your 20's, but now you do what you want to do.
J: Surely I said that, but in fact I came to think that it may not have changed much. Of course, time has passed and I think I've grown up, but I haven't changed that much. I still have a childish part. Looking back on the past, I'm probably growing up as a human being, but the speed is slow.

Q: Haven't you changed since the last time, one year ago, you appeared in this magazine?
J: At any age, isn't the feeling that “I want to return at that time” a little left? Of course, I'm happiest now, but I still have the feeling that "I was really good at that time" or "I am now because of that time." I feel it will not change.

Q: Now, what do you want to focus on in the next year?
J: No matter how hard I try, there are still many people who don't know me. Therefore, I would like to continue at the same pace as before.

Q; So, do you keep your communication with your fans as important as it is now?
J: Of course! That's important for me.

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