Soph! 김재중?

To Jaejoong int'l fans.

The instruction you have known of voting for Living Like A Dream as outstanding OST in Seoul Drama Awards is wrong. It's once per ID, not once per day, which means the more ID's you have the higher possibility to win the poll. So Jaejoong's Korean and Chinese fans are now creating email accounts as many as possible, and Jaejoong's Dr. Jin OST has been ranked #1 since the beginning. But SNSD's Taeyeon fans are trying to overtake us by only 1% difference! :(

For those who don't understand Korean and find it so difficult to create Daum ID's, let me suggest this...
1. Create any site's email accounts as many as you can. (yahoo mail, gmail, and etc.)
2. Send the email addresses along with their passwords to [dc_jellery@naver.com] - DCinside Kim Jaejoong Gallery's official email address.
3. And Korean fans will create Daum ID's using your email accounts and also vote for Jaejoong's Dr. Jin OST.

* It doesn't mean you should send the list of your email addresses to dc_jellery@naver.com at any cost. If you can, please make efforts to create multiple Daum ID's and vote for Jaejoong's OST on your own.

POLL LINK: http://music.daum.net/musicbar/musicbar/detail?menu_id=1&board_id=4176
(Chrome users should disable Adblock for this page in order to view the poll.)

Thank you! Let us all unite for Jaejoong!

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