First Available For War, More Hands Fewer Mouths, Cultural Choices & Epigenetics-3

First Available For War, More Hands Fewer Mouths, Cultural Choices & Epigenetics-2
First Available For War, More Hands Fewer Mouths, Cultural Choices And Epigenetics

Cultural choice-to-epigenetic cause and
effect in orientation is now discernible in
telling paradigms thanks to
the transparent use of politicized sexual
insecurity as a democracy displacer and its
now transparent and cookie cutter cultural
the march of biomed fact basis that occurred
concurrently with the social pathologies that
enabled the rise of the Trump Regime in the U.S.

The cultural distinction:
anti democracy, anti-NON-confrontation

The epigenetic distinction:

apart from direct naive social genetic engineering
enabled by the fact of what the anti-democratic,
oligarchic culture engenders, a product of its telling
teaching insecurity, particularly with the replacement
of the Women's Equalists of the U.S./19th Century,
understandable as "Dorothy" enabling her own equality
under the law while informing Tin Man, the scarecrow and
the lion of how it is they're also deceived and played for



is the following:

The more oligarchic/warlord'y, the greater the
expression of gay epigenetics.

We appear "meant" to be less fight or flight based,
less paranoid, less fear response based.
Democracy displacement enables a culture of arrogance,
imposition and sellout, creating emotional defensiveness.

The following implies gay males (subject of the studies,
with gay epigenetics apparently coming off the female
X chromosome) and accumulting toward threshold under
the right community environmentally adaptively
epigenetic conditions.

Gay males are more, not less masculine/macho.
They are likelier to be born gay epigenetically
if & when hypermasculine and toward the latter
part of longer than common length male birth
For reasons not apparently to do with choice of
populational make-up, it's been noted with full
detail the occurrence of extra male births in an
economically challenge community, thusly:


Gay males are correlated with left-handedness.

Left-handedness is correlate with winter birth..

The above suggest extra hands, including for ancient-
purpose expendability (not working against equality of
birthright but simply establishing "time & place relative"
normalcy/naturalness/appropriateness) for war (gays appear
natural soldiers, as Alexander and J. Edgar Hoover can now
be understood in this light;) and, the epigenetic adaptation,
looking at the winter corrleation, appears lined to "extra
hands fewer mouths" adapting to perennial sustenance
scarcity (add to soldiers: hunters.)

This would explain why it is:

those communities most defined by:
are also those defined by
higher than usual gay community representation.

It's also the explanation for all manner of this
reliably turning out being the case:


We appear "meant" for democracy and non-confrontation.
I use the examples Iroquois Condederation (other U.S.
native tribes do not have quite the same confederational
history) AND Kerala India's legitimte democratization
including its family planning conformity to the life not
pressured to overproduce for serving top down non-
democratic life (oligarchic/tribal/mob like.)

That is, this would result in a lower gay incidence
but not so as to imply difference in birthright
value. These things simply provide proof of epigenetic
validity incorporating these ingredients:
normal, natural, appropriate, but now understood in
terms of time & place relativity.

This marries cultural choices and science.

It enables full understanding in both those respects
simultaneously of the original "Time Machine" (Eloi/
Morlock) story line.

This is thus readily understandable as the ultimate
oligarchy/warlords' world's tool, and, also, the
very death of the human race, amply so, if thinking
in terms of human race character but now even in
terms of its very physical definition.

This implies there are only 2 things providing assured
future rightful human race self-definition:
democracy & love.

This also relates all the world's major religions
to each other (they all are based on equality under
the law; they all incorporate the "Golden Rule"
which by plain meaning incorporates equality under
the law.)

An infinity of parallel paradigms appear infinitely
likely as in every instance of looking into these sorts
of cause & effect relations, they all seem to fit under
a larger available paradigm:
cultural choices and energy stasis.

That reduces to cultural choices and energy being our
definer of ourselves.


And "Threshold"

Appear Operative In Epigenetics
As To Website Paradigms
SIMILARLY To How They Appear
Operative With Proteins.
Though Of Course
Quantum's Far
Afield And A Matter Of Author
Cluelessness, Publications On
Achievements In This Area Have
included achievements of
"Increased Likelihood."

What Grosses out a Chimpanzee? The Origins of Disgust

Wisconsin GOP lawmaker says
women should be forced to give
birth to grow the labor force
That's oligarchic, opposite from
Kerla, India.

Labor should be greater valued and
enabled to greater productivity.

Understand now how this defines
not only oligarchic /warlordy but
the total naivete as to the above; and,
Of course, it represents both
bviously and, so understood, the
death of humanity in terms of
character and physical reality.


I’m a public health professional,
retirement age.

I’ve coined:


For the case of extra males, hypermasculine,
For war, or, natural soldiers.

Recall Alexander the Great, J. Edgar
Hoover, and the like.



For the case of extra males born in
The case of perennially longer winters,
Or, natural hunters.

A British study concluded a high
commonality of a gay related factor,
stemming female, but I believe it's
properly understood thusly.
The degree of commonality summed
by the authors is such I consider it
better providing this paradigm before
preconceived notions arise.
Ultimately search:

women straight
Independent is the newspaper whose
subject article's most cited, itself quoting
highest quality sources.

A commonality fact or accumulates under
suitable conditions
"time and place natural and normal and
appropriate as for more males and more
macho males but gay, for first available
for war not for other than high risk.
They are the original natural soldiers
MORE not less macho and simply for the
community first lost in war.

Further, there’s a known autism/hypermasculinity


There’s a suspected herbicidal/autism

Since orientation is hypermasculinity correlated,
This implies the possibility of a relation
Between the herbicide and orientation
Assignment as well.

Lastly, I’m in the U.S. where we witnessed
The emergence of an extremely
oligarchic/warlord’y regime friendly
To hyperpopulational support (large
families) though in a racist fashion
(entirely racial population jealosy
Note, the Kerala example ends
Competition of that sort by making
Democracy, love, and the very wanting
Of a child, only, totally determinative.
(The Iroquois example’s as to non-
Confrontation and cooperative
Democracies, and birth of confederation
As an ending of troubled cross border

The current U.S. example’s enabled by
The replacing of the Women’s equalists
Of the 19th Century (contemplate:
Dorothy, from Oz, providing freedom
And equality under the law for herself,
But understanding in the process she’s
Enabling that for Tin Man, the scarecrow
And the lion too, with manchurians instead
Selling sexual insecurity; and, the abolitionists
Are replaced with would-be moralists who’re
In fact obsessed with scapegoating (what
I imagine equates false witness, false
vigilantis;) and, Frederick Douglass (African
American for freedom and equality
Under the law) is also replaced with

This dynamic of deceit, and its concomitant
Epigenetic effect, is disparate from
Cultural choices and epigenetic cause
& effect elsewhere.

Thus, a meta-analysis longitudinally
Comparing each line of cultural choices
And epigenetic effect looks available.

I’m not from a formal religious background
But nonetheless this appears merging
Morality and science.

It also appears relating the world’s varied

It appears affording learning from history.


Light switches brain signaling:
Longer days bring 'winter blues' for rats

Amount Of Time Between Sunrise
& Sunset Was Seen Determinative

Cannibalism Among Neanderthals

Warming Alters Mountain
Plants Sex Ratios

Cultural Choices And Epigenetics, Comparably Through History

How dad’s stress changes his sperm


This Website Theorizes We're
SUPPOSED To Be Moving Toward
At Least Infinitessimally Less Fight
Or Flight Oriented, Not Back To
Scared Of Everything Tree Dweller,
What Defines The Trump Culture.

The simple fact of bears hibernating in the winter,
is added, consistently.

The preparer of this pastebin/twishort/other
considers the human race appears "meant" to
become infinitessimally less fight or flight based
and thereby consistently slightly less oligarchic
tribal warlord'y.

Right imagery: "2001 A Space Odyssey"
(Opening Scene: From Proto Humans
Tossing A Bone Into The Air To...
The Bone Transforming Into A
"Time Machine" (Morlock v Eloi.)

The Right Significance: The Human Race
Imitating All Its Earlier Civilizations And
Warlord-Like Self Destroying Itself; vs.,
Taking This New Understanding Of
Self Definition Epigenetically To The
Other Planets, Which Is To Say A Human
Race Only Self Assured With Equality Under
The Law And Compassion.

It should be possible to create a longitudinal
meta-analysis thusly:
compare one historic line (I call that vertical
with multicultural current presence horizontal)
with another where one does but the other does
not, include scientific naivete mixed with social
imposition (violation of not doing wrong to others,
or scapegoating over differences.)

The effect in cause and effect is the epigenetics
and degrees of homosexuality epigenetic expression.

Where it's MORE from greater oligarchism/tribalism
(not equality defined, confrontation rather than
non-confrontational) owing to overproduction of
males and particularly more masculine males
owing to the nature of the culture, that would
define a natural and normal and appropriate expression
for a stage of human culture that belongs in the

A cultural miniscule adjustment to more democratic
and non-confrontational should reflect in an
infinitessimal decrease in our fight or flight

Though most of the above's self generated, I do
provide attribution to a UCSD pre-med, who has an
standing invitation for identification, thus far
declined, who said he knew my website is mine
(I have one, where I'm generally anonymous but
obviously from this incident alone hardly universally
anonymous) and then said look here, now look there,
and what do you see?

I said I saw moments of people's hesitation.
He said yes that's the point.
And thus what I entered above.

He DID in turn say he was influence by
Dr. Pincker, a Harvard prof.
I'm retirement age just recently blogging
full public health spectrum and am only
now getting around to reading him for

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