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@DrOakley1689 Mr. White, you may think of me as you wish. I am who I am. On the other hand, for you to begin once again bashing the Ergun Caner family two weeks after they laid their 15 year old son to rest remains grossly irresponsible and morally reprehensible. Consider your own words you just penned as you spoke of their grieving process:

------"The period of shock will wear off soon. *Real grieving does not begin its process for a number of weeks,* and reaches a real crescendo *three, four months* down the road. And in complicated situations, it *might take even longer.*"

If you're aware of the horrifying hurt the Caners are experiencing now...knowing that they haven't even gone beyond the "shock" stage according to your own estimation, with the "real grieving" coming literally months out, or "even longer"... but then you, sir, have the insensitive nerve to morally brow-beat the Caner family yet once again with your provocative rhetoric either implying or explicitly stating that Ergun is a liar, a charlatan, a fake, a disgrace to Christian ministry, all the while knowing they are in shock after the tragic death of their son and need months or longer to heal, what is the Christian community to think of this? What?

Dear Lord Jesus, have we come to the place where we intentionally heap upon emotionally distraught people, people whom we know are in shock over the loss of a young son, a catalog of perceived sins we think they've committed and we demand they repent of so we can be perceived as "standing against" sin?

If this is your Christianity, James, I assure you it's not mine. I want no part of it. You and all those who follow you can have it. I'd rather make my bed and sleep with those you call fakes and liars than to be a part of a community that is so hate-filled, mean-spirited, and quite frankly, ugly as what's portrayed there now. It near steals my breath away to read the moral assaults against them so soon.

If I could block not only Ergun from reading your sorry, lowdown words, but also Jill and Drake from reading such self-righteous bigotry against them while they're thinking solely of their son and brother, I'd literally do anything to make sure they didn't see this. Alas, the internet remains unforgiving.

I will pray for you James. And I hope under God neither your wife nor your daughter nor little granddaughter will ever have to wade through such degrading assaults as you have viciously piled upon the Caner family, especially in their most vulnerable time.


Come Lord Jesus.

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