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[Word for word Q&A TRANS4] Starmedia Team Met Actor #김재중: Korean Cuisine Chef Kim Jaejoong wants to have a thrilling date with a chubby girl!

… “You are both stars, don’t forget it. When the stars exploded billions of years ago, they formed everything that is this world. Everything we know is stardust. So don't forget you are stardust.” –Quote from the movie Before Sunrise

Naturally, Kim Jaejoong received spotlights from everyone on the streets. Blond hair, chiseled jawline and the music notes in his hands… He was a star. Warm sunbeam on a cold metallic tea table and the blue chair that he is sitting on… It is all too magical. Could it be because it is the exact spot where the comical fortuneteller in the movie Before Sunrise reminded the young couple of them being brilliant stardust?

Movement 3: Chatty Kim Jaejoong seated in Kleines Café

S: Vienna is a city known for its art. Are you interested in any other artistic field besides music?

J: I love paintings. Interested in interior design, too. I have diverse interests. (Laugh.)

S: You are interested in interior design?

J: Yes, I have interests in furniture and accessories. I am not really particular about colors but like to have one base color and add colorful points with some impact. I tend to keep my favorite art works at home regardless of the interior of my house.

S: Do you often buy art works abroad? There are a lot of exotic accessories.

J: I buy a few abroad to keep for myself and as gifts for guests who come to my house.

S: You personally design bags as well. Have you studied for it?

J: It was a preliminary design I had when I first started the business. (Laugh.) It was purely an accident. One of my acquaintances suggested to me about outdoor bag business. I was a simple participant. But I started giving advices about the design and it came out to be a big bag with a backpack feel to it. It continued to sell till today. Sort of like an idea item.

S: You have a lot of pictures of food in your SNS. I heard it’s because you have a lot of sisters.

J: I am interested in cooking. I specialize in Korean cuisine. Someone gave me beef short ribs as present last holiday season, so I marinated them myself, grilled them and shared with Geunseok and other friends. (Laugh.) I can cook most Korean dishes well. Never tried Japchae(vermicelli noodles with beef and vegetables seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, spices.) though. It is too much of hassle for a guy who lives alone. I wanted to eat it more because I am abroad now? (Laugh.)

S: Do you enjoy traveling?

J: Love it. I ask my friends to travel with me if their schedule agrees. I never traveled alone properly. I need to travel more when I am still young. (Laugh.) Because it will be difficult to travel alone once I get old and have family.

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