And one Deity teaser... just to show you why the book is called... Deity

A blinding light filled the store, followed by a popping sound. Then something zinged past my cheek. I caught a glimpse of silver before Hades released my arm and snatched the arrow out of the air.

“Artemis, that wasn’t very nice.” Hades snapped the arrow in two and tossed it aside. “You could take an eye out with one of those things.”

The soft feminine laugh that followed sounded like wind chimes. A few feet behind us, legs widespread and a silver bow in one hand, stood Artemis. Instead of the white chiffon she was known for, she wore straight-up combat boots and hot-pink camouflage pants. A white tank
completed her badass ensemble.

She reached behind her, pulling another arrow from her quiver. “Back down, Hades.”
Hades’ lips thinned.

She placed the arrow on her bow. “You will not catch the next one, Hades. And you will not take her.”

I slowly backed away from the god smackdown-in-progress, having no idea why Artemis would come to my aid. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Death finally go down. I picked up my sickle blade.

Hades stepped forward, tile peeling and smoking under his boots. “Why are you intervening, Artemis? You know what will happen."

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