[SW Japan Tour 2014 Pamphlet Q&A] Minho

001. Please tell us your thoughts about the other SHINee members.
A: Onew - He is someone who has a lot of spontaneous tricks up his sleeves (LOL)
Jonghyun - He is really at the height of being free and uncontrolled, right? (LOL)
Key - Being with him is really so much fun!!
Taemin - He seems quiet but in reality he loses a lot of things (LOL)

002. What is something that you're currently interested in?
A: Basketball. When the weather is good, I ride my bike to the Han river and play basketball!

003. If there were no SHINee, what would you have wanted become? Please also tell us the reason behind your answer.
A: I would want to be a soccer player. Since my father is a soccer coach, I thought then that I'd definitely become a soccer player.

004. What made you decide that you really wanted to become a singer?
A: When I was scouted, it was the only time I took interest in public entertainment. As for the singer pat, I realized that I wanted to be one later on while I was already training.

005. For SHINee, what is a live (performance)?
A: A place where in we do our best to give the best performance every time with and for the sake of all of our fans and people connected to us.

006. What would you wish for if you ever saw a falling star?
A: I would wish for the health of all our fans, the people around me, and my family!

007. For this tour, do you have anything that makes you either excited or worried?
A: In this tour, we will be going to place we haven't visited before and that makes me excited. However, there are a lot of stops and I'm worried about my physical condition, if I'll be able to keep it up until the end ><

008. For this tour (outside Korea), what are the things that you definitely have to bring with you?
A: MP3 player for listening to songs, and tablet for watching films ^^

009. For this tour, what is the thing that all of you have decided that you should definitely do?
A: For this tour, while we want to convey our thoughts to the fans, we also want to shout the name of every place we'll be visiting!!

010. What is the first thing you do as you enter the venue (and prepare to step onstage)?
A: Since hydration is important, I have to drink water first, LOL.

011. How are your Japanese fans different from fans from other countries?
A: They are very quiet and attentive during our ballad songs. During our dance songs there are a lot who wave (their lightsticks) along. It makes us feel good about doing our live performances.

012. This time, we're doing a tour pamphlet like this for the first time. How was the photoshoot for it?
A: It's a new feeling so I think it's nice. Doing my best in the photoshoot to produce good photos to put up makes me happy ^^

013. If, for example, you're going on a date with your girlfriend, what would be your date plan?
A: I would take her for a drive to Han River, take a walk, and later on eat chicken with her (LOL).

014. What would be the first present you would give to your girlfriend?
A: I think I would give her a simple (something she can use regularly) but pretty and stylish necklace!

* this excerpt is taken from the 2014 SHINee World Japan tour pamphlet and is translated for the perusal of international fans. no scans will be shared for this.
* please do not copy/screencap/repost without permission.
* translating to other languages is ok, but please put necessary credits/link back. thank you!

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