[SHINee] I'm Your Boy message


SHINee: Everyone from SHINee World J, hello, we're SHINee!

Onew: Starting tomorrow, our I'm Your Boy tour will officially start!

Taemin: Have you already listened to our album? We wish you would listen a lot to "Downtown Baby," too. It would also make us happy if you listen to the other songs.
Jonghyun: In this year's concert, we'll be challenging a lot of things.

Minho: We're curious about your thoughts/reactions (about the concert) so we're really excited.

Key: Yes, we've been rehearsing a lot in order to show you how much we've grown so please look forward to it! Let's all make fun memories! Well then, this has been
SHINee: Shining SHINee.

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