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[Rough Trans - Park Shin Hye's visit to Jung Yong Hwa's house in <Hologram>]

[Door Bell Rings]

KMH: Ah..someone is here..there's really someone here~

JYH: Broadcast Yong..the next guest has arrived

JYH: Who is it? Who? Who?

JYH: Ah~ Shin Hye...Yah so happy to see you ah~ Packed with loyalty, my chingu..our Ms Shin Hye ssi~

AOA: Wah~ I'm watching Pinocchio~

PSH: What is this? (Walking towaeds standee)

JYH: (Laugh) Really keeps to loyalty & friendship..our Shin Hye

PSH: Ah..really..I came over after staying up the whole night (filming)

JYH: Ah...really?! 1 2 3..the shot is nice..very good..very good

PSH: Not using camera but handphone for phototaking ah~

KMH: Noo~ Naa (Hug)

PSH: Ah..Minhyuk ah~ (Hug)

JYH: Guests...all the guests...(grrhhh)

KMH: (You're) So busy yet came?

PSH: Said ask me to come..it's not someone else..it's Yonghwa who ask me to come..how could I not come~

JYH: (grhhh) Packed with loyalty and friendship..our Shin Hye

* Greetings*

JYH (to Zico): This person's clothes in this way

Ailee: Always wanna hide..hiding this way

*Shy Zico*

PSH: Too heavy (for you)

JYH: Aigoo..Thank you

PSH: Feels that you doing one a man show will be very tedious. ..this is selfie stick

JYH: I've never used this..don't really know how

PSH: Your dialect has improve ah

JYH: Have improved during the times we didn't meet

JYH: Oh~ How to fix this..how to get it fixed?

PSH: This...

JYH: What is this?

PSH: You can put your phone here

JYH: Yup...really thank you ah

PSH: But Yonghwa ah..in the days we didn't meet..you have become...~~


PSH: Matured ah~ (laugh)

JYH: (Did I) Become old?!

PSH: (Laugh)

JYH: Excuse me..gonna leave soon. .please record comments before you leave~

PSH: Oh... (ok)

LJH & few: Still leave message? (Laugh)

JYH: Before leaving gotta leave message ah

PSH: Where (to stand)?

JYH: Here....wait...Jungshin...can you sit down?

Aliee: Yonghwa ah..(she's) an actress ah~

JYH: Shinhye ah..you fixed this..I will ask you question, you film it ok~

PSH: (laughed & grabbed JYH)

JYH: (Laugh) Shinhye ah~

PSH: Yah!!!! (Kick JYH's butt)

JYH: I wanna fixed it but can't..you do it

Ailee: (Add on lighting)

JYH: Thank you ah...Ailee ssi

PSH: Thank you.. (bow to Ailee)

JYH: Wait for a while..reflector plate (pulled tissue paper)

Others: What's these?

JYH: If there's lighting, (we) will need reflector plate ah

KMH: (Rush over to hold)

PSH: Really stingy ah~

JYH: Shinhye ah~

PSH: Yes..erm..not much energy..after staying up the whole night seems that it's even worse now...

PSH: (recording) Erm..Will everyone discover the hidden charm of Jung Yong Hwa? (JYH nod head) Album will also be successful..very much anticipated..Fighting!

JYH: Thank you..Wow..Thank you..Really..Thank you.. (you've) really slim down a lot ah~ Really slim down a lot ah~

PSH: (Slap JYH's neck)

JYH: Really slim down a lot ah~

PSH: Be quiet! Why are you saying all these~ (Slap)

JYH: (I) Got it...Thank you...be careful on your way back (pat pat PSH's back)

PSH: (Clasp hand with Jonghyun..bow to others)

JYH: Ah..wait for a while. ..Shinhye ah..Shinhye ah..there's a gift (for you)

Everyone: Woah....

JYH: Shinhye ah...I really wanna give you this (honey butter chips)

KMH: Noonaa~

PSH: (Hug Minhyuk) Aigoo...my child...bye~

Everyone: Bye

JYH: Be careful on your way back..Shinhye ah..thanks..Shinhye thanks...(laugh)

PSH: (Grab JYH's sleeve) Yar~ (You gotta) come out

JYH: Yes..

PSH: Why (are you) so senseless?

JYH: Yes...Ah...really..Shinhye ah..Thank you

PSH: Very happy to see you..

JYH: Really...

PSH: See you again in near future

JYH: Ok..be careful on your way back

PSH: Just open (the door) this way?

JYH: Oh yes..just open it..Thank you

PSH: Bye

(Original chinese translation cr. Yonghye亲故)

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