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She is right ----> "I can't understand what is this. Everybody just stop talking nonsense. there's no JJ, YC, JS but there is JYJ! Do you think everything will be allright when you act like this. Just think a little who will get more wounds.RT @tigimasaii 이게 뭐야 진짜!! 나 이해 못해!! 다들! 찬 소리 하지말고 정신 차리세요~ 유천 재중 준수가 없고 JYJ있거든요. 그렇게 하면 다 좋을거예요? 좀 생각해보세요! 그렇게 누구 많이 다칠거예요?!!"

09:19 PM - 10 Jun 12 via Twishort web app

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