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【Trans】Music Interview JAEJOONG① TV LIFE Premium 2019.4.15

Music Interview JAEJOONG
Jaejoong who is active in variety programs with fluent Japanese and friendly characters.
We asked him about his current status, which started the Arena Concert Tour from April with the first album in Japan.

【I sang while changing the voice according to the mood and genre of the song.】
Jaejoong released Japan's first solo album "Flawless Love" on April 10. He made his solo debut in Japan last June, and the album contains a large selection of new songs in addition to the two singles he has released so far, so he is very pleased with this work. 
“As I decided to hold the Arena Concert Tour from April 10, I think it is good to release the album at the same time, I started working from the end of last year. A lot of good songs were provided and I chose the ones that I thought the best. I think it became a good album which is rich in variety. There were many requests from fans, so I also recorded the Japanese version of Korean songs I made in the past.”
The album contains a wide variety of songs, as the word "rich in variety". So I asked him the point of listening and the secret story of the recording.
“"Ainokage" is a song that we can sing lively together at the concerts. When I heard guide vocals, I had the impression of a light feeling, but when I sang it became a powerful song. On the other hand, "One" has a feeling of loneliness, but it is a song that contains hope in it, and I think it would be better to listen when you are depressed.”
He finished two years in military service and began working as a solo singer. Although he was from the idol group, he was far from dancing. This time he consciously recorded the dance songs that his fans had longed for. The song I chose was "Sweetest Love" because there were many requests from my fans that "I wanted Jaejoong to dance". Of course, I also dance energetically at concerts. I have not danced for a long time, so I have some pressure. Lol.”
It is an album that you can feel the diversity of Jaejoong's vocals, as you get the impression that different artists sing each song.
"In fact, I sang while changing the voice depending on the mood and genre of the song. There was a concern that it might be a cluttered impression, as songs from various genres are mixed.
I thought that it would be the best way the listeners focus on each song. So, those who listen to my album at the first time may wonder, "Is Jaejoong really sing all these songs? Lol.
The hardest song when I recorded was "Beautiful Woman". The key was so high that I was wondering how to lower it many times along the way, but eventually I sang with the original song key. Lol.”
The meaning of the album title is perfect love. There is his obsession with the title.
"Every song has a story about love. An exciting feeling when love begins, the sadness and loneliness felt at the time of broken up. The songs contain various love lyrics, the emotions will polish and the love will grow, like the gemstones of diamonds are polished and become beautiful. During the recording of the album, I happened to watch a movie named "Flawless (Japanese title: Diamond Rush"). The story has nothing to do with love, but as it relates to diamonds, I was inspired love might be the same as diamonds.

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