[141127 SHINee @ Ugata TV] Transcript of Interview:

MC: How are the fans from Hokkaido?

Minho: Fans from Hokkaido especially have a very warm feeling.

MC: *shakes Minho's hand*

CAPTION: Ishii-san's heart was captured!

MC: This time, have you went some place in Hokkaido?

Onew: We went to Otaru Aquarium.

MC: You went to the aquarium!

Onew: Yes.

MC: Maniac?!
(t/n: the MC's comment here is because it's rare for guys of their age would go together to an aquarium instead of more adventurous places ^^;. she's kind of insinuating that they're into aquariums or fishes, etc.)

Key: Are we maniacs?

MC: Why did you go to the aquarium?

Onew: Because we had spare time.

Key: No, no no!

CAPTION: It seems that since it's raining, they decided to enter the aquarium and just enjoy inside it.

MC: Of course not, since you're all kind of busy! What kind of animals are there? Did you feed something?

Key: We fed the seals.

MC: Is it alright for you to imitate the seal?


Key: When the fish is held out for them, the seal just goes "AAAHHH" *imitates a seal* And then we give it to them.

MC: Since you've come to Hokkaido, I think you have tried a lot of delicious food?

Onew: Miso kimchi ramen.

MC: You ate kimchi?

Onew: It's miso ramen but there's kimchi...

Key: In it, right.

Onew: Yes And then it became a lot more delicious.

MC: Ahh, I think that's great!

Key: LOL! That's a lie! Lie!

CAPTION: Key noticed Ishii-san's reluctance.

MC: How did you feel when it was confirmed that you're performing in Tokyo Dome.

Key: It's been our aim since our debut, so it felt like our dream finally came true. We want to do our best to be able to show everyone a better, more mature side of SHINee.

MC: Ah, I think we've run out of time.

Onew: That's fast.

MC: It's too quick, isn't it?

Onew: Yes.

MC: I'm sorry.


MC: It finished in a blink of an eye!!

Taemin: Everyone in Hokkaido, thank you for coming to see us. We'll come back so please wait until that time comes. Thank you very much!

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