[TRANS] Moongyu. Hotshot's Interview for Tenasia

Q: You were famous for Taemin and Kai's friends before your debut. You guys practiced together for a long time but they made their debut before you did, didn't you feel bad for it ?

Moongyu: If I was impatient it would be hard for me to bear it but fortunately I wasn't. When Kai/Taemin made their debut, I thought 'It is really great, I hope they do well on what they are doing'. I happened to think we all gather at same place somehow. I encouraged myself that I am taking a long way and far way. Also my friends encouraged me too. We meet and chit-chat during our usual days, but it was kinda amazing when I saw them at broadcasting station. Haha.

Junhyuk: It is really thankful that Kai and Taemin sunbaenims are keep monitoring and giving us feedbacks about our stage.

Source: http://media.daum.net/entertain/star/newsview?newsid=20141126070309559

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