[Full TRANS] #Kim Jaejoong showed off dreamlike charms in fashion magazine Harper’s BAZZAR. http://article.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=97752

In the drama Spy, currently airing on KBS2 TV on Friday nights, Kim Jaejoon is portraying Kim Seonu, a lovable son at home but at the same time a charismatic agent at work. He is leading the drama as a man in dilemma; he has to deceive and pursue his ex-spy mom.

Kim Jaejoong looks mysterious and sexy as usual in this portrait style pictorial. He exudes absolute charisma in front of the camera but off the camera mingles casually with the staff at the set.

During the interview he expressed his special love for his fans. “My fans are the only ones who accept me completely. Sometimes I don't even like myself. Once I started receiving their hearts, absolute trust between us builds naturally. I don't want to sacrifice myself for anyone else. If I have to make a compromise, it would be for them only.”

Kim Jaejoong’s sensual visual and interview will be in the February issue of Harper’s BAZZAR

04:05 AM - 19 Jan 15 via Twishort for iOS

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