Biz Cycles & Assets Passing Hands Democratically vs Massively Rewarding Massive Alpha Failure

Yield Curve Still Inverted Despite Fed Rate Cut
----zero rates enabled market insulating
losing bank bubble assets, what meltzer
called masively rewarding massive failure
which also means massively ripping off
massive success; the latter, would have,
cleared the market when not first clipping
normal business cycle proceeds on the sale
of their home equity along with their
home titles subject to whatevah mortgage
balances they had.
the central banks are using that reversal
of cycle formula when giving good decision
makers a chance to apply their good decisions
to normal market returns and opportunities
would've been, and the earlier the better,
the path back to a democratic genuine
biz cycle, and, of course, all that is, is,
assets passing from the less willing & able
to the LEGITIMATELY more willing & able.

​Never underestimate the power of little honest
farm pumpkins not being too smart with
wrongly manipiulating the market and then
goin around wearing "alpha."

---(policies aimed at cycle reversal
are actually what's being applied; but:
gdp's / markets like realty esp. have
languashed on efforts to allow for higher
rates; also, trump's treasury raiding
creates higher rate affordability issues;
it's probably not a coinkidinky that
robert shiller recently allowed rather
bearish expression quite proximate to the
time of the first repo rate convulsion;
FRANKLY: it FEELS ike a bank's in trouble.
FRANKLY: the way out is actually bad baning
it, and annuling federal debts owed only
at such pace that does not jeopardize
depositor's assets.)

i could also make a dirty joke about that
scene: it looks like ilia mated with v-ger and
that thing broke off.

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