[SHINee] SWJ PLUS Your Number special site game MESSAGES

* spoilers/ネタバレ for those who play the game

「Wah! Congratulations on clearing the game! You feel happy right now, right? - This is Onew. 」

「Congratulations on clearing the game...is what I'm saying but play it again. Please challenge it more (LOL).」 - Jonghyun

「Congratulations~! Will you challenge the game again while listening to "Your Number?"」 - Key

「Congratulations! How many times did you try before clearing the game? Anyway, I cleared it after just one try (LOL)....」 - Minho

「You cleared the game?! It was really difficult, wasn't it?! I'm gonna try it one more time!」 - Taemin

[t/n: Jonghyun and Minho used "wwwww" which is a Japanese net slang for "LOL". It's taken from the "w" in the word "warau" which means laugh.
* screencap by onewfigure
* please do not repost, edit, copy, screencap without permission/credit
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