My sincere apologies to @DrMichaelLBrown and the audience today---on and off since I returned from Berlin and Kiev I've had a cough. It is a form of asthma that I started getting in the mid 90s. Some years I have it, some years I don't, it all depends. It doesn't really hinder me from working out, riding 100 miles, running a 10k, whatever---it just makes me sound like I smoke three packs for half an hour after a hard effort. Well, it is bothering me a lot today. Now, in our studio we have a "Cough Drop," a button I hit to silence my microphone so I can cough, clear my throat, do whatever (it's sorta like this: Anyway, when Dr. Brown was talking I would hit the cough drop and try to clear the tickle I was fighting. But here's the problem. Rich installed a second microphone, and did NOT route it through the cough drop! So it was only muting one of the two microphones! I am mortified! I've been doing radio for a long time--I never would have let that happen had I realized what was going on! My apologies if I distracted from the program! I've informed Rich of the issue and hopefully we can route things differently so that it won't happen again. Red faced!

08:06 PM - 6 Jan 15 via Twishort website

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