#deity teaser

“Do you hear yourself?” I stopped in front of him, hands shaking. “How can you make that decision for other people—for Laadan and Marcus?”
“Look,” he said, his hands rising into the air. “Get mad at me. Hit me. It doesn’t change anything.”
I moved toward him, to push him but not actually hit him. “You can’t—”
He caught both my wrists and hauled me into his lap, switching my wrists to one hand. He sighed. “I didn’t mean for you to actually hit me.”
Too stunned to respond, I just stared at him. Our heads were only inches apart. My legs tangled with his, and then he reached up with his free hand, smoothing the mess of hair back from my face. My breath caught as my heart sped up. Our gazes locked, and his eyes turned to quicksilver.

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