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Second to last of the Valentine's weekend CP Teasers: Jem & Tessa. My apologies if I have botched up the Mandarin. You can't get accent marks or anything like that into Twishort.

“Say something in Mandarin,” said Tessa, with a smile.
Jem said something that sounded like a lot of breathy vowels and consonants run together, his voice rising and falling melodically: “Ni hen piao liang.” *
“What did you say?” Tessa was curious.
“I said your hair is coming undone — here,” he said, and reached out and tucked an escaping curl back behind her ear. Tessa felt the blood spill hot up into her face, and was glad for the dimness of the carriage. “You have to be careful with it,” he said, taking his hand back, slowly, his fingers lingering against her cheek.

*Yes, what he actually says is "You are beautiful." But Tessa doesn't know that.

01:23 AM - 21 Feb 11 via Twishort web app

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