Getting Women To Buy You Things

I was sent a text message asking if I could do a post about getting women to buy you stuff. Again, this is mostly an attitude thing. I have no trouble with getting women to buy me things and do things for me. For instance, I have a girl right now who is giving me a big portion of her tax returns to pay for my college tuition. And I didn't even have to ask for or suggest it.

So, why is she doing this for me? Believe it or not, although we aren't together, I treat her really well. And that's the first step. When you treat a woman well, and make her feel like she means the world to you, she wants to do nice things for you in return. It's very similar to how I get girls who have never sucked dick before to suck my dick.

Next, let me say that I don't attempt to take advantage of any woman's financial resources. In other words, I'm willing to spend money on a girl that treats me well. I'm not going to sit here and try to talk myself up to be some sort of pimp or anything. When a girl knows that you aren't using her for money, then she has no problem spending money on you.

I've had girls take me on dates, girls pay for my friends; I had a girl buy my first car, a girl do three months worth of work for me. And I've had a girl give me wads of cash. Why? Because they want to keep me. They know how rare of a guy I am, so they'll do anything to keep my attention.

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Have you had a girl cry because you wouldn't have sex with her? I have. Have you had women willing to share you? I have. Or have you ever had a girl threaten to kill you for leaving her? I have.

Are you catching on? I give a lot of value to women, therefore I am worth a lot to them. There is no such thing as something for nothing. I put my heart into many of my relationships, therefore I am rewarded for my work. I really try to make girls feel special when I become seriously involved with them.

And finally, I don't make a big deal out of asking for things. You know, for instance, if I'm out with a girl and I see a shirt I like, I might say "That shirt would look good on me, why don't you buy it for me?".

I'm not going to go on and on, but I just want to get across that I don't use any magical words. I simply am very upfront and straightforward about things, and I say what I want to say without hesitation. It's a value + attitude thing. Give a lot of value, and come at women with the right attitude, then they'll give you the world.

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