Tonight, popular Korean singer, Kim Jaejoong will be holding his solo concert at Nanjing Wu Tai San stadium.

Due to overwhelming respond and fan requests, Jaejoong decided to add another performance on Sunday afternoon. Yesterday, Jaejoong expressed his joy and gratitude for being loved by Chinese fans for 10 years at press conference.

Yesterday, blonde Jaejoong greeted "hello everyone" in perfect Mandarin to various media at his press conference. When the question of whether Jaejoong will be singing Chinese songs, he laughed "Chinese is too difficult! Do you think Chinese is difficult?" Naturally, everyone answered "No" which caused Jaejoong to break into laughter. Since one of his concert themes is love, Jaejoong was asked about his idea of love. It was unexpected that this question is difficult for him. "To me this question is very difficult!" He even turned to the media for help, asking: "who are married before?"

When discussing about the changes in 10 years, Jaejoong said seriously: "Compared to 20 years old, I am very thin now, I can't put on weight no matter how I eat. In the past 10 days, I ate for 1 month, but still not growing any flesh." causing thunderous laughter on the ground.

source: Modern Express
Reporter Lu Sun / Wen Shi Xianghui
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