[TRANS] SHINee Special Messages @9004089

[150525 Special Message - From. Onew]
7th anniversary! Something lucky~
Our fans, I love you

[150525 Special Message - From. Jonghyun]
It's a long time...
7 years is a flash right?
10 years too 15 years too
Let's go like this.
Let's do this together!

[150525 Special Message - From.From. Key]

It's crazy -7th anniversary!♥
It's so quick and so slow...
Please take good care of us in the future♥
Love Key

[150525 Special Message - From. Min Ho]
Time passes so fast
Always thankful and also thank you!
Like today let's go like this for a long time^^
I love you~

[150525 Special Message - From. Tae Min]
I was really happy because we spent our 7th anniversary together~!♥

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