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【on.cc東網專訊】"Park Shin Hye fansign..Teary eyed when talked on demise of grandfather"

Korea Female star Park Shin Hye held a fan meeting cum fansign session at WTC, with about 300 fans at venue supporting their idol. Due to Korea MERS situation, the organiser prepared wet tissues for the public to use, but there were only a handful of fans who wore mask.

Park Shin Hye appeared half an hour later than scheduled, long awaited fans screamed immediately upon seeing the goddess, Park Shin Hye too wave at the fans.

Park Shin Hye used cantonese to greet [Hello Everyone!] upon going on stage. At the fansign event, Park Shin Hye played games with 7 lucky fans on stage, she used fluent cantonese pronounciation to talk about the names of Hong Kong local cuisines, and taking photo with fans who imitated her.

However, Park Shin Hye did not smile much throughout the event, during interview, she disclosed initially she will be staying in Hong Kong for one more day, but as she has just received news on the demise of her grandfather, hence she will be rushing back to Korea today, and Park Shin Hye became teary eyed upon the mention of her grandfather, feeling very sad, fans all cheered for her.

Also, in the interview when being asked of her feelings for her first visit to Hong Kong, she expressed that she feel very happy to see so many fans welcoming her, she too expressed that she came to Hong Kong 3 years ago, saw the laser light show & went to the peak as well, but as the weather on her last trip wasn't good, she hope to visit there again if there's ever a chance.

Her recent schedules are all about preparation for fan meetings, and she disclosed that her next fan meeting will be held in Taiwan, she will also begin filming in August. When mentioned of her 5th win in the popularity awards for Baeksang Arts Awards, she humbly expressed her gratitude to her fans' support, feeling that she's lucky. Lastly, Park Shin Hye signed for 100 fans at the venue, but the organiser banned handshake & hugs, not sure if it's linked to recent MERS issue.

News Source:-http://hk.on.cc/hk/bkn/cnt/entertainment/20150613/bkn-20150613171839493-0613_00862_001.html

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