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【Trans】Love is awesome! (Jaejoong interview) Weekly Magazine Jyosei-Jisin 2019.4.16)

Love is awesome!
“We meet various people, have various experiences, are shaved and polished, and the degree of perfection gets higher. Love is the same as diamond.”

In Japan's first solo album "Flawless Love" released on April 10th, Jaejoong sings various forms of love…love to sway, love to be worn out.

What is perfect love?
~About the album
I sing various forms of love in my first album "Flawless Love" all in Japanese. I challenge various new things, such as genres or vocalization, and I dance after a long time. ”I'll do it for you!” in response to my fans' requests of "want to see Jaejoong's dance" Lol
I think "Sweetest Love" and "DADADANCIN '" are songs that everyone can enjoy at a concert.

~About life in Japan
I think I've finally got used to living in Japan. Last year, I often said, "I don't feel like I'm abroad." Recently, however, I have an incalculable anxiety, I can't keep calm such as "If I make a mistake now, what should I do?"  That may be because I am abroad, but to practice a lot and to gain confidence is the only way in order to relieve anxiety. I think so and practice hard.

~About Japanese Variety Programs
I'm still anxious about Japanese, but it's fun. I was able to make a lot of appearances on the show that I wanted to appear, and on the free talk show, I’m happy because I’m able to show myself just as I am. Akashiya Sanma-san was the most interesting person I met on the show. I felt that he was going to go on his own way in order to pursue the fun, and he was great that he wasn't got the better of others.

~About flowers. About your cats
I was thinking that I would like to bring this flower back home while shooting. I am often presented flowers, so I always decorate them at my home. However, cats are at home ... both two are very scared and can't even get in the car, they are troublesome. But I want to keep more because they are cute. The other day, I bought a toilet that costs over 100,000 yen. Perhaps it is the most expensive toilet for cats in the world. Lol

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