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Thank you to @LabCabFestival , for hosting our theatrical installation, HOW CAN I KILL YOU IF I LOOK INTO YOUR EYES. And thank you to those who came out to observe and participate in the piece. It was a meaningful and memorable experience for us. Some responses from yesterday include:
• the right side of his face melted slowly like wax
• I saw her age (i.e.) she became 1,000 yrs old--and then I saw everybody...in her..(and this is when I was about to weep but saved by the tap)
• As a very social individual I meet with many people on a daily basis. This made me realize how uncomfortable I feel when someone else looks at me, despite how much I enjoy being surrounded by others
• This is how I became vegetarian. Thank you for the lovely process. Shalom
• empty--emotion--awkward--eyes water--don't want to make uncomfortable--how long is this going to last--chill--it's all good
• It's interesting, you never know the human soul until you sit calmly and look into their eyes
• Thanks for this experience. It's very unusual for strangers to stare at each other that long. But we can do it in a safe environment/situation
• Can I see myself? Yup, if I look hard enough : )
• I recalled the tragic event that happened in my country, Taiwan, couple months ago-that a guy killed (randomly) people in the MRT. I was wondering how people can kill, when they see through their eyes.

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