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The Tories mantra has always been and always be to buy housing as buying sets you free

but truth is this suits there rich set and no one else as with buying for us comes a mortgage
and thus loads of interest for shareholders.

What we actually need in a modern United Kingdom is a good mix of housing which includes
Private Buy, Private Rent, LHA and Council as only this will meet the growing needs of a varied
populace many of which do not want a mortgage around there necks for the next 25+ years with
the threat of rising interest rates on the back of a poor gig economy

Only this will work for the many and not the few as well as getting our homeless of the streets and out
of temporary accommodation.

BTW you only have to in estate agent windows or Zoopla to see we have enough private housing on the
market to suit all budgets it is a fallacy to build more and thus is time to unlock the land held by developers
and use it to better effect.

We also need more housing designed for the needs of the disabled and elderly of which there is a distinct lack off
This need to be included at design and architectural stage of the build and an investment in conversion of current stock.

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