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What is Twishort?

Twishort is a Twitter app that lets you tweet more than 280 characters.


We really love Twitter for its 280 characters, but sometimes there is a need to provide longer post, clarify challenging question, quote somebody’s words, etc. There are certain thoughts still not sufficient for a blog, but much longer than 280 characters.

How it works?

When you post a long tweet, Twishort cuts it to the required character limit and posts it automatically to Twitter with a link. Following that link, users can read the entire text.

Do I need to sign up?

Absolutely not. All you need is a Twitter account.

How do I authorize?

We use OAuth for web authorization and OAuth Echo for API requests. This is convenient and safe. We are serious about our service.

How can I find someone's post?

Try Google search or our embedded Twishort Search.


Yep, we incur some costs to maintain smooth operation of Twishort. However you can Sign in with Twitter and stop seeing Ads :)