[SW Japan Tour 2014 Pamphlet Q&A] Key

001. Please tell us your thoughts about the other SHINee members.
A: Onew - You are the eldest/old man so please continue pulling SHINee together from now on, too!
Jonghyun - I was really shocked that you sing so well!
Minho: We're the same age so let's get along well from now on!
Taemin: You are the youngest so please continue to be/act spoiled from now on, LOL.
(t/n: with Onew, he literally used the term for "elderly". with Taemin, he probably means to let the other members spoil him instead of acting spoiled)

002. What is something that you're currently interested in?
A: I'm currently into water-skiing ^^. When I manage to ski well, the refreshing feeling is the best!!

003. If there were no SHINee, what would you have wanted become? Please also tell us the reason behind your answer.
A: I had thought of studying abroad , so I would probably decide to study overseas and live either in New York, England, or Japan.

004. What made you decide that you really wanted to become a singer?
A: I've loved singing since I was young, so it was really my childhood dream to become a singer and artist.

005. For SHINee, what is a live (performance)?
A: Something wherein we can give energy and life to our fans!

006. What would you wish for if you ever saw a falling star?
A: I don't believe that i can grant wishes, though! LOL. I'll probably just go, "Oh! A shooting star! It's pretty!"

007. For this tour, do you have anything that makes you either excited or worried?
A: I don't really have a lot of worries. But I am looking forward to meeting our fans and seeing their different colors.
(t/n: this refers to the differences between their fans per region/locality)

008. For this tour (outside Korea), what are the things that you definitely have to bring with you?
A: Since I love taking baths, I make sure to bring stuff for half-body baths (soaking). Then I also bring my tablet and accessories, and the face mask I use before sleeping.

009. For this tour, what is the thing that all of you have decided that you should definitely do?
A: To do the MC in more fluent Japanese than the previous tour!!

010. What is the first thing you do as you enter the venue (and prepare to step onstage)?
A: Well, first, I have to eat (LOL). In order to be lively and energetic onstage I have to get some energy from the food I eat!! ^^

011. How are your Japanese fans different from fans from other countries?
A: They always gaze at us with kindness and at times, joins with us in dancing and being lively. Those things make them really lovely fans ^^

012. This time, we're doing a tour pamphlet like this for the first time. How was the photoshoot for it?
A: This is our first time making a tour pamphlet, but the photoshoot had a really peaceful atmosphere. I would be happy if we'd be able to convey the same feeling to everyone!!

013. If, for example, you're going on a date with your girlfriend, what would be your date plan?
A: First, we'll eat a meal together, and afterwards go for coffee. Then we'll watch a movie and then take a walk with my dogs.

014. What would be the first present you would give to your girlfriend?
A: I will write a touching letter with all my heart and give it to her.

* this excerpt is taken from the 2014 SHINee World Japan tour pamphlet and is translated for the perusal of international fans. no scans will be shared for this.
* please do not copy/screencap/repost without permission.
* translating to other languages is ok, but please put necessary credits/link back. thank you!

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