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[ETtoday] "Once cried out [Hope he can see me get married] Park Shin Hye in Hong Kong, grandfather passed on"

South Korea actress Park Shin Hye who debuted as child actress has once acted in many popular dramas, her natural sweet and beautiful appearance gained love by many people. She recently went to Hong Kong to hold a fan meeting session, but her grandfather passed away on 13th morning. Not being able to see her grandfather for the last time, during interview her eyes can't resist turning teary, but still she put on a smile and interact with fans, her strong front made fans feel very heartaching for her.

Park Shin Hye has a very close relationship with her grandfather, she had ever choked with sob mentioning in an Daesang acting awards ceremony, "Hope that my grandfather who is sick and lying on bed to live a long life, able to see me marrying, till I have children" Unexpectedly, while she was having fansign on 13th in Hong Kong, her hometown relay the news on the demise of the elderly, although she's very professional, appearing at the event as planned, putting on smile, feeding fans with snacks, but she was still found to be teary eyed during interviews, making fans feeling heartache.

According to the organiser, Park Shin Hye originally will stay in Hong Kong till 15th, after hearing of the news on the demise of her grandfather, she will immediately return to Korea after the event ended. With the sudden sad news, this makes netizens implore fans group not to send her off at the airport so as not to delay her from return to Korea, hope that she will stay strong.

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