150618 NYLON with Key (excerpts from interview) part 3

Q: Key always gives a lot of ideas during photoshoot, so what can we expect from you this time?
Key: I think about what to do during that time I'm doing it. Also, since it's part of the job to show (something), then I hope there wouldn't be repeats/overlaps. Since until now, I've shown a lot of boyish and manly images, so I'm considering something that will be related to our newly released album this time. An image of something sporty but not ordinary.

Q: What are you interested in/concerned with lately?
Key: Lately I haven't been buying clothes much. There are a lot of cute stuff but I don't have anything I want to buy. There are times when even I'm busy, I always make time to shop. Whether it's because I don't have time to go and survey things or I just don't have anything I want, I'm not sure. Or maybe instead of clothing, I'm concentrating more on what I do. Like, I'm more concerned in my appearance instead of the clothes I wear.


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