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[Rough TRANS] No Minwoo mentioned Jaejoong in an interview

Q: Recently you post 2 photos of you and Kim Jaejoong on Instagram. How did you become close with Jaejoong?
A: Actually we was in the same company and we met there when we was 16. We watched each other grow up. I think time flies very fast. I can't become close with celeb friends who assume a haughty manner (literally, give oneself airs). But Jaejoong and I are both unchanged. He listens to my story. And since we both love rock, we talk a lot about music.

Q: I think you 2 have many things in common. Are you given impetus from him? What's the meaning of his presence to you?
A: We share the same dream and we do both music and acting. That's our common points. There were tough moments but we all overcame it. To me, he's mental support, a healer. We also tell each other "Let's look forward to the future!"


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