[SEEK IV] Onew x Minho - Like in soccer, they're the defense and attack pair

Onew: Whatever happens, he is by our side and calls out to us. Minho is really a person who becomes our strength in any situation.
Minho: Ohh! *high-fives*
Onew: It's not only with me, even with other members, he is our heart aid and is a very important existence to all of us.
Minho: Ohh! *high-fives* For me, Onew-kun is our immovable defense.
Onew: Eh? Is it a soccer reference?
Minho: Since he is always very steadfast, all of us depend on him.

Onew: Minho becomes our strength in whatever situation.
Onew: We're always reassured by his courage.
Minho: Onew is SHINee's super defense!
Onew: Eh?!


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