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Jaejoong's <After Mom Goes to Sleep> goes viral online

Videos posted on 17/01/26 on different platforms
Below stats as of 17/02/06

A total of 1.98 million views breaks down as follows

Pikicast FB:
980K views, 6K comments, 320K likes, 4.8K shares

Piki Pictures FB:
420K, 2.7K comments, 140K likes, 1.1K shares

Pikicast Official Web/App:
330K views, 2.6K likes, 1K comments, 1.6K shares

Piki Pictures Official YouTube:
250K views, 644 comments

As I browsed through the comments, most of the public's reactions are:

1) Fxxx! Why so handsome, why not aging? What's with his skin? How did he become more handsome after army enlistment?
2) It's an ASMR and his voice is so sweet but I can't close my eyes because he's so handsome
3) Why so cute? First time seeing him speaking casually. Never knew he had such character.
4) Would love to see more of him through a lot of media, please. Want him to be more exposed to the public.
5) Had loved him so much when I was young and JJ in this video is making my heart throb again

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