[141121 SHINee @ Zip FM] (4 - Key's and Taemin's ideal dates)

DJ: Moving on, your third album, "I'm Your Boy" reached first in the Oricon Weekly Charts. It's your first number 1 in Oricon charts, congratulations!

SHINee: Thank you very much.

(same old description of the I'm Your Boy album)

DJ: I also listened to your album and it was fun listening to it. Your album title, "I'm Your Boy", when translated in Japanese becomes "I'm Your (Possession)." I wonder if it has really that nuance?

Taemin: I'm embarrassed.


DJ: So is it with such a meaning?

Key: I think so.

MInho: It's fine.

DJ: Then, for example, if you are with a girl you like on a date...

Key: Oooh, here we go.

DJ: You're already anticipating this LOL.

Taemin: You got found out.

DJ: Anyway, where would you take her on a date?

Taemin: Let's hear from Key-san.

Key: Eh?! Is it alright if it's a place in Korea?

DJ: Of course.

Onew: (makes comment)

Key: No! Not that. Um...I'd want to go together to Garosu-gil. It's a popular place and it would be nice taking walks there.

DJ: Ohh. What is it famous for?

Jonghyun: It's similar to Japan's Omotesando.
(t/n: jonghyun went to omotesando during one fine day)

Key: Yeah, it's like that. You can buy a lot of stuff and eat delicious things.

DJ: Ah, so it has a stylish feel?

Key: Yes, yes.

DJ: Ahh ,so that is Garosu-gil. Is it in main Seoul or...

Key: Main Seoul?

DJ: I mean if it's in Seoul or near it or...

Key: Yes, it's in Seoul. And recently there are a lot of Japanese people coming there. It has really become a popular place.

DJ: During Christmas season, will it have illumination/Christmas lights or...

Key: There are a lot. The whole district will have a Christmas feel.

DJ: Wow. I'd really want to walk with Key-san there.

Key: Is that so?

DJ: Yes I would want to walk there, LOL. Then, Taemin-san?

Taemin: Dating is bothersome.

SHINee: *uproar*

Key: Don't lie! Wait a second!

Jonghyun: That's cruel. Really cruel. You're a bad boyfriend.

Taemin: I won't go on dates.

Jonghyun: You won't!?

Taemin: I'll just contact/get in touch with her.
(t/n: the word taemin used is 'renraku' which is usually used in long-distance relationships: talking on the phone, e-mail, etc.)

DJ: What is that! LOL

Jonghyun: But meeting...you're not going to meet?

Taemin: I'll be satisfied with that. I'm different from Key-san.

Jonghyun: Is it just platonic love?

Taemin: I'll have faith in my girlfriend and just talk to her.

Key: That's a lie.

Jonghyun: What are you saying?

Taemin: For eternity.

Jonghyun: Forever?

Onew: With just your hearts?
(t/n: he means that only their hearts will be connected because they won't meet)

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