150618 NYLON with Key (excerpts from interview) part 5

Q: How special is this time's album (Odd) to Key?
Key: I thought that even if it receives bad results, this album is definitely something I won't be ashamed of when it is released. It is still something that we came up with and to be able to see the outcome makes me happy. Time really goes by fast. So I'm enjoying each and every day. One day when I look back to this comeback, I think that a lot of good memories will remain.

Q: Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to do your own music?
Key: If I want to do certain songs/music, I always do it during concerts. But I don't know if (my kind of music) is something that will sell if released officially. More than greed, I have a greater sense of responsibility. I've gradually become careful. I don't strictly evaluate the things I want to show, just that I think it's great if it's able to be enjoyed onstage. Also, it is not necessary that all of us in the group should release solo albums. My solo act will be in the form of broadcast(ed shows) and musicals, those kind of activities.


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