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[Rough Trans - Partial ①] Park Shin Hye Interview with <TVBS 周刊> Oct issue no. 873

Qns: Describe the private you, what kind of a girl are you? Do you have any special lifestyle habits or hobbies?

PSH: Park Shin Hye is a greedy person, hahaha….Because I’m a person who is full of curiosity, hence (I’m) very interested in everything. As for my lifestyle, basically I extremely like exercising, I like it all as long as it makes my body moves, (I’m) not afraid of those (sports) with high level of difficulty as I especially like to accept challenges.

Qns: Can you please share 5 moments of Park Shin Hye, including the most unforgettable, the most touched, the most depressed, the happiest and the moment which you do not wish to face the most?

PSH: Currently there’s no most unforgettable moment. Afterall, there are more things that (I) have to face in future, maybe (I) will have to wait for a long long time before (I) know what moment is most unforgettable.

Most touching moment is when (I) gain recognition for my acting skills or when receiving awards, or when I heard someone saying his/her life has some drastic changes after watching my work. At such times, (I) feel especially touched.

As my personality is more sensitive, (I) am not a very big-hearted person as well, at times I tend to be more petty, hence, there are quite a lot of depressing moments.

Happiest is of course acting; felt that it’s really very interesting.

The moment which (I) do not want to face most..is when I need to withdraw from the character which I acted as. All along, I was reluctant to let go when it’s time to withdraw from the character, because till date I have yet to feel 100% satisfied with my performance, always felt that I can do it better, thus very reluctant to let it go.

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