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@MJ_Oakley It is my firm belief that there will be an exponential increase in suicides if the proposed ESA (WRAG) cuts become law. It is imperative that these cuts be stopped. Disabled people are terrified of being placed in the WRAG and will likely adopt a ‘support group or bust’ attitude, virtually guaranteeing that the DWP’s efforts to incentivize them into work will ultimately fail.

Cuts to ESA WRAG would 'increase the burden on people who are already coping with serious illness or disability', says Jeremy Lefroy MP, in this persuasive Spectator piece: http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2015/12/the-welfare-bill-could-become-a-benefits-trap-so-im-proposing-an-amendment/

That a Conservative MP is truly concerned is heartening indeed, but his fine words likely won't be enough to convince Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne to reverse the cuts.

Full disclosure: Since January 2012, I have been reporting voluntarily to the UN’s human rights office, in Geneva, on the welfare crisis for Britain’s sick and disabled. [Fellow Canadian Leilani Farha (@leilanifarha) is the UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing; see http://www.ohchr.org/EN/Issues/Housing/Pages/LeilaniFarha.aspx. You can tweet her on UK housing issues or e-mail her at the UN's human rights office: srhousing@ohchr.org; she does follow my Twitter account.]

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