Soph! 김재중?

[TRANS] Q. Is there any reason you opted to stick to rock music again followed by your mini album?

Jaejoong: When I said I'd have a rock album, support and dissuasion from people around me coexisted. Even though I've liked rock music since I was a kid, I myself thought pursuing rock music in an expert manner would be immoderate. In music, however, there are always listeners but it doesn't mean that the do-ers are designated. So I thought giving it a try wouldn't be bad at least once in my life. In the process of making this album [WWW], I intensified my own color, having been influenced by Kim Bada sunbanim. As I mentioned earlier, even if I will release another rock album, it will not only contain heavy rock, but also contain light songs spiced up with rock elements.


screencaps courtesy by @JYJ_Sophia, translated by @jaetaku

This is an excerpt from the exclusive contents released in the hard copy issue of STARAZ magazine - my prev. post with 3 other excerpts: http://twishort.com/YKtec
Those who haven't read the online issue at all, visit Prince JJ, search STARAZA and read Yule's full translation.

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