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SBS Sensory Couple's Brief Character Description

Yoochun will play a detective named Go Tae Ho who lost his sister in a barcode murder. He survived and miraculously woke up after 3 days of coma but he lost the ability to smell, taste and sense things. He also could not feel any pain.
He used to be a charming man who could laugh and cry before his sister died. But everything changed after that, he lost all his senses, and even while fighting brutally with criminals, he couldn't feel any pain. He lost the ability to laugh and cry, and to have feeling for women.

Shin Se Kyung will play Oh Cho Rim, a girl with positive and optimistic personality. She is someone who cannot hold back when she witnesses injustice. She was the only witness of the barcode murder case. She had the ability to see scents and after meeting Taeho, her life changed to a new page.

Filming will start next week and the drama will be aired from April 1st.

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