Interview at Arena tour Nagoya (from TBS-ch. broadcast)

[Part 1] ~ Arena tour ~

YH: Hello.
All: We're CNBLUE!
JS: Hi, I'm bassist Jongshin.
JH: Hi, I'm guitarist Jonghyun.
YH: Hi, I'm vocalist & guitarist Yonghwa.
MH: Hi, I'm drummer Minhyuk.

Q: What's the difference from the last zepp tour?

MH: Venues are big/many this time, so we monitor and check more properly.
JH: But actually, we don't care on stage. It hardly matters to us on stage whether it is big or small.

Q: What's the difference between a big venue and a live house (club)?

MH: There's not much difference between them, but it's always different.. Every single live show is different.
JH: As for the excitement, in a small venue, because the audience is close to us, we get high. But, in a big venue, the sight of many audience from stage makes us high. So, they are different.
JS: We keep ***[I can't catch what he says]
YH&MH: (laughs)
JH: I still think a band is amazing. The more we do live, the more we grow. Although we're not sure about it, but audience seem to feel like that. Sometimes we ourselves suddenly realize that we've grown up.

Q: What changed throughout the tour?

JH: We continue the same show throughout the tour, so the beginning and the end are totally different. I think many other artists would think the same. At the first show, we feel nervous, but later we feel less nervous and it becomes easier to perform. It's different in many ways.

Q: What about your performance in every show?

JH: It's different, totally different. Even though we play the same arrangement, it's different every time. Even if we four might not know well, audience would definitely feel that. When all of us feel good, we can make an amazing live show. So, the four of us have to be at one together.

Q: What do you think of male fans?

JH: When we hear their voice, we get excited, you know. We say "Ladies? Gentlemen?" (to find) male audience are increasing. We feel good.
MH: It's really energetic.
JH: We can hear (them screaming) like "Woooow" (laugh)

Q: What/how are you preparing for the tour?

JS: I always think that it's important to eat yummy food.
YH: Yes, yummy food is the best for good health.
JH: It's quite important. My mind depends on it. If I eat yummy food, I feel good and can do well. But if I eat something not yummy for me, I feel ill and depressed (sigh).. so it's different, right? (laugh)

[Part 2] ~ behind the tour ~

Q: What did you eat in Nagoya?

JS: I ate Hitsumabushi yesterday. I'm going to eat Tebasaki today.
YH: I ate Miso Tonkatsu (Miso-katsu).
JS: I love local cuisines in Japan.
YH&JH: (laughs)

Q: What's your favorite local cuisine?

JS: I love Gyu-tan (ox tongue).
JH: I love Okonomi-yaki and Tako-yaki of Osaka. Teppan-yaki, too.
YH: Hiroshima's.. (JS: Hiroshima-yaki) yakisoba (fried noodle).
MH: Oh.. the same. We go together. (laugh)

Q: How do you finish ad lib session?

MH: It's really difficult, but we take eye contact together and "here we finish"..
YH: In music, there's always "ki shou ten ketsu" (introduction, development, turn, conclusion - usually used for story making)..
JH&JS: (laughs)
YH: So we finish as we feel.
JS: It's fun.

Q: What about ad lib lyrics?

JH: We don't decide anything beforehand.
YH: It's truly ad lib.. Because I'm a genius, it's alright. Always.. (laugh) I'm joking. (serious expression)
All: (laughs)
JH: I'm sorry.
JS&YH: (basket shoot gesture)

Q: Tell us your funny episode during the tour.

JH: Yesterday, JS ate ramen and said he got a stomach ache. I also went, though.
YH: It's a chain store.. Tokyo has it, too. I didn't go yesterday, but there's a JS's favorite ramen. He ate it with "five times".
JS: With five times of hot flavor. Please challenge it. Until ten times.
The others: (laughs)
JH: That'd be why he got a stomach ache. (laugh)
JS: I tried ten times of the hot flavor. My stomach is ok. Challenge it! Fighting ^^

Q: What's your favorite song in this setlist?

JS: Of course I like all, but I especially like "Let me know" in the latest setlist.
JH: I like the first song,"Blind Love" the most. The lightning flashes in the beginning. It is cool.
YH: "I'm sorry." The lyrics is in Korean, but everyone sings along together and we have a lot of fun.
MH: I love "Lady." It's the last song that the four of us play together with.

Q: What's the hardest song?

YH: To be honest, every song is hard.
JH: Yes. It depends on our feeling. When we are high, a fast song is easy and slow one is hard instead.

Q: How do you decide a setlist?

JH: We decide it with talking as four.
JS: "ki shou ten ketsu"..
JH: Yes, because CN considers "ki shou ten ketsu" the most importantant. (laugh)
YH: It's harder to decide a setlist than to practice. It takes more time and the most important one. In CNBLUE's concert, usually the first part was "running" style. But for this Arena Tour, we prepared down-tempo songs from the beginning, to have a winter feeling.

[Part 3] ~ 2013/14 ~

Q: If you look back in the year of 2013?

JS: I'm happy that we had many live concerts.
JH: We've been too busy in 2013. It was good that we did many live concerts and studies a lot, too. Probably, 2014 will be a busier year.(laugh) I think we'll be busier and busier. That's a big happiness as a human being.
YH: I enjoyed having many live concerts in 2013. I'm looking forward to the next year even more.
MH: In 2013, we had Zepp tour, Arena tour, and so many concerts. I'm very glad. Next year, we look forward to our album, so please look forward to it, too.

Q: What is your goal in 2014?

YH: I want to have a concert at Dome.
JS: I want to perform at many rock festivals, such as Summer Sonic.
JH: Above all, the most important thing is to continue our current life. It may be the hardest. I will continue to try harder.
MH: I think good health of the four of us is the most important.

Q. About your future production of music.

JH: Both YH and I have many songs. We're going to decide which is good among them, and to release single or album. Briefly speaking, we/I have leaned toward natural sound. Other than this, secret. (laugh)

Q: Message for the viewers.

JS: Everyone, you've worked hard in 2013. In 2014 too, let's try hard with CNBLUE! Thank you.
JH: We filmed this video in Nagoya. I'd like to go to many places and to film live video. So, please look forward for it.
YH: Please enjoy watching Arena tour. Please continue to support CNBLUE in the future, too.
MH: Please support CNBLUE in 2013, too.

YH: This has been,
All: CNBLUE! Thank you!
YH: Peace!

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