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Arsenal and Morocco footballer Marouane Chamakh took part in a group sex session at a Las Vegas hotel 3 years ago. Chamakh had been in Las Vegas on holiday with two male footballer friends. While drinking at a nightclub they met three blonde Swedish women and after partying together for several hours they went back to Chamakh's hotel room for a group sex romp. One of the women took photographs and video footage of the session using a mobile phone. In January this year, several photographs from the session, including one of Chamakh wearing nothing but a condom, were emailed to him by an unknown person along with threats to send the photographs & videos to newspapers. Chamakh ignored the threat and soon after the photographs were offered to a UK newspaper. Chamakh then contacted his lawyers and the police, who have so far been unable to trace the blackmailer. When Arsenal heard about events they helped Chamakh to take out an injunction banning any reporting of the story. Chamakh is a single man but he is also a devout Muslim and has in the past spoken of his strongly held religious beliefs and his refusal to touch alcohol, yet he is believed to be shown drinking heavily in the video footage. Chamakh has also had some involvement in French politics.








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