[SHINee] 150315 Tokyo Dome MC (Taemin x Key) transcript.

* from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-du52dwiZM4


Taemin: What do we talk about?

Key: (to the audience) Well what did you guys talk about before? It was mostly about the tour, right? Last year's.

Taemin: I know that, too.

Key: No, you couldn't hear it, right? You were far away and you didn't hear.

Taemin: ...that's true.

Key: Ah, you've already talked about food, right?

Taemin: Yes.

Key: Shall we talk about something else? If it's about last year's tour...the five of us experienced for the first time going on a hot spring trip together. And if there's another chance like that we'd like to go again.

Taemin: Ah, such a large (applause)

Key: Eh, applause?

Taemin: You guys also want to go to the hot springs that badly?

Key: Is it that amazing, going on a hot spring trip?

Taemin: Everyone, do you love hot springs?

Fans: YES!

Taemin: We love it, too.

Key: Well, since we've been studying a bit, the five of us really doing our best, shall we talk about Japanese?

Key: Last year we went to a lot of regions. Do you remember any words from some dialects or--

Taemin: I...don't really have memories of them...something like "Nandeyanen" (Why is that/What the heck), "Sukiyanen" (I like you), "Ikunen" (go) [
t/n: all of these is Osaka-ben]

Key: Or SHINee-bai~
[t/n: this is Hakata-ben]

Taemin: Yes.

Taemin: Is this all?

Key: What do we do now. Shall we talk about our performances, then?

Taemin: A while ago I want to talk about the solo stages, but...everyone do you still remember?

Fans: Yes!

Key: Um, which (solo) stage is the best?

Key: Key-kun's!

Key: Ah, really! As expected!

Key: Then, aside from Key-kun's stage, which stage is the best?

Key: Key-kun's DJ number!

Key: I see! As expected! *embarrassed laugh*

Taemin: Are you satisfied now?

Key: Um, as for Taemin-kun, you sang a song from the solo album you released in Korea, right?

Taemin: Yes, it's my first time showing that stage to you guys but...how was it?

Key: The original version was arranged a bit for this, right?

Taemin: Yes.

Key: Dome size.
[t/n: i'm not sure, but maybe key refers to "version", like in anime the songs can be "TV size" and stuff sobs maybe]

Taemin: For this version I used a lot of things, like a gun, but I really don't know what everyone thinks of it. How was it?

Taemin: Thank you very much. And then, Key-san's solo was...

Key: Born to Shine.

Taemin: Born to Shine. Was a song unperformed until now.
[t/n: taemin did a shortcut with his words so I'm not sure if this is what he's really saying.]

Key: Yes, it's an original song that hasn't been released in any album yet.

Taemin: Big applause.

Key: When I first heard, like the demo or something, it fit well with the concept of performance I had in mind. So I asked, "Will it be okay to use this song?" Ah! The composer is around here somewhere in the venue.

Taemin: Is that so?

Key: He's Michael something-something...

Taemin: Michael Jackson?!

Key: No, no, not Michael Jackson. Michael something-something. That was his original song.

Taemin: So, everyone has their individual stages and for that sake we really prepared with all we had. And um, we're preparing for a lot of other stages, so please come again, everyone.
[t/n: this is the second day of the concert so idk why taemin's asking people to come again lol]

Key: ...Why aren't the others coming out yet?

Taemin: It's about time they come back but...

Key: Why aren't they here?

Taemin: Come out soon, everyone!

[onjongho come out]

Key: Ah they're here!

Jonghyun: We're back -de gozaru.

Minho: Perfectly (on time).

Jonghyun: We've become cooler.

Onew: We've come back.

Key: Don't say that yourself! Saying you've become cool.

Jonghyun: ...

Minho: What is it?

Jonghyun: I'm Jonghyun ~de gozaru.

Jonghyun: I'll go ahead ~de gozaru.

Key: Then, now that we're dressed stylishly, shall we move closer to everyone?

Minho: Yes, let's go!

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