Samuel Miller

@TrussellTrust Since 2012, I've been reporting voluntarily to the UN's human rights office, in Geneva, on the welfare crisis impacting UK's sick and disabled. I'm concerned about the unprecedented demand on your food banks and fear they will be overwhelmed due to built-in delays to Universal Credit which requires claimants to wait at least 42 days before receiving their first benefit payment. Under Universal Credit, hardship payments must be repaid—which will send Britain's sick and disabled spiraling into debt.

The reduced benefit cap, which just recently came into effect, will also unduly pressure your food bank network.

If next year's ESA (WRAG) cuts are included in the Autumn Statement, on November 23, sick and disabled people might not be able to depend on Britain's social safety net for their survival. Less than half the claimants in the current ESA (WRAG) are eligible for PIP.

Samuel Miller
(Montreal, Canada)

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