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Here's the quiz for our Christmas giveaway event!

Please be reminded that you have one hour to send in your answers by email to weloveryeowook@hotmail.com and the quiz closes at 10pm KST. Please include your Twitter username in the email.

Except for song titles which can either be in Korean or English, all other answers must be in English and not any other languages.

We will conduct a lucky draw of the entries with all correct answers. The two winners will be announced on Twitter once we have gone through all the entries.

We look forward to your participation and finally.... search engines are your friends ;)

The questions:

1. Ryeowook was casted by SM after he took part in a singing contest. What is the name and year of the competition, what prize did he win and what is the title of the song he sang?

2. What is the name of Ryeowook's high school?

3. What is Ryeowook's baptismal name (the name given to him when he was baptised)?

4. A song composed by Ryeowook was included in a Super Junior album. What is the title of the song and which SJ album was it in? You have to give the order of the album (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc), the album title and be specific about the album version.

5. How many times did Ryeowook perform in Immortal Song 2? What is/are the title(s) of the song(s) he performed when he won?

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